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Handyman recommended.....Andyman!

Ask for recommendations, feedback and discuss East Dulwich businesses and services.
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Another recommendation for Andy - Andy came over to our place in West Norwood to stop cold air getting in between the glazed bay and timber floor. He listened very well to what we were asking for, and did a very neat and great job.

In the lead up to the job, he was very good at communicating with us, recommended and even helped us learn a bit more about the kinds of products we needed to buy well in advance of the appointment, and the correct price for these. On the day it turned out that after all there was some better stuff yet, and he kindly went out to bring it to use. There was a bit of time where he had to wait for me to return home, and during that time he vacuumed the floor and dusted behind the fridge!

Thank you very much, Andy! We look forward to seeing you next time! Sasha & Adrian
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Recommendation for Andy who re did the silicone in my shower this week. He did a great job, cleaned and hoovered everywhere he?d been working, gave me some tips for maintaining the silicone for longer and also fixed the sticky plug in the sink. I have asked him to come back to do some more work for me.
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Based on EDF reviews, we asked Andy to sort out a tricky, messy, gap around a large roof light that needed filling in. He took a great deal of care to find the most appropriate solution, which involved a couple of visits instead of doing a rush job. He wanted to get it right. It was worth it. Happy customer and happy to recommend.
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Andy was round today to deal with a variety of jobs including replacing the sealant around my kitchen sink, cutting down a 20 ft yucca plant and lots of ivy growth, repairing a lock on a window, replacing a shower spray and filling some holes under the back door. He was very user friendly and courteous. Would recommend.
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Andy did a great job for us recently, installing a new shower enclosure. Really nice guy, great to meet him and a very reasonable rate. Thanks Andy
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We have just used Andy for a verity of jobs (inc cutting down an over massively over grown hedge, putting up shelfs and pictures and building a TV cabinet).. All the work was completed to a good standard, he was polite and was a very reasonable rate. Highly recommended.
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What is Andyman contact number please
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