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The East Dulwich Forum is an online community to discuss anything and everything about SE22. We were established all the way back in 2006! You can find more information about us here.

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Forum Rules

1. General Forum Rules
  1. Post with respect toward others. This is a local community forum so please respect your neighbours.
  2. When replying to threads, please ensure your messages are relevant to the topic being discussed. Please start your own thread if you want to change the conversation. This is not enforced in The Lounge.
  3. When creating a new thread, please make an effort to ensure its is created in the appropriate forum section. Please do not make duplicate threads in different sections (aka 'cross posting').
  4. Administrators reserve the right to edit or delete member's postings when necessary, e.g. to remove abusive messages or improve the flow of conversation.
  5. Please don't post messages in purely capital letters, especially the subject line, they will be edited.

2. Rules For Businesses
  1. Local businesses and tradesmen who trade in and around East Dulwich are welcome to create one new thread per year in the ED businesses, restaurants & trades section, for the purpose of advertising their business. Any additional threads you will create in this section may be deleted.
  2. When creating a new thread or posting replies on behalf of your business, you must state your business name, or real name if you are a sole trader. This is to ensure we can identify that you are a legitimate business which hasn't been previously restricted from posting on EDF.
  3. In return, we'd appreciate if you could help drive traffic to EDF by asking your customers to register on EDF and give you feedback. There are many local businesses who do a significant amount of trade via EDF referrals and we are happy to support this.
  4. Making fake recommendations for your business, also known as a 'shill', is taken very seriously. Any suspicious posts will be removed. Any business who is caught doing so will be permanently restricted from posting on the forum.
  5. If you'd like to increase the exposure for your business on the forum then feel free to check out the Advertising packages

3. Rules for Selling Items on EDF
  1. East Dulwich Forum members may list tangible goods for sale in the For Sale & Items Offered in ED forum section. Goods can be sold for money or offered for free. Selling of intangible goods in this section is not allowed.
  2. Only goods available for collection in Dulwich and surrounding areas of South London may be sold on this forum section.
  3. Goods sold on EDF must be legal, safe, accurately described and fit for purpose. The following items are additionally not allowed to be sold: Alcohol & tobacco products, Knives, weapons or replica weapons (i.e copies, replicas, lookalikes etc).
  4. Ensure your thread title accurately describes what you are selling. Ideally, create one thread per item for sale. However if you have a big list of things to sell at once (e.g. a garage sale) then you are welcome to put them all in one thread.
  5. Please put the price of the item in the thread title where possible, e.g. "Leather Sofa - £50".
  6. Where possible, please attach a photo, or a link to a shop where the item can be purchased.
  7. All sale transactions must be organised independently between the buyer and seller. The East Dulwich Forum cannot have any involvement in the transaction and therefore cannot take responsibility for disputes (e.g. faulty goods or misleading description). However, accusations of fraud are taken seriously - please report any such occurrences to the forum administrator.

4. Rules for Listing Property on EDF
  1. East Dulwich Forum members may list local property for sale or rent, or posted 'wanted' ads, in the Residential property in East Dulwich forum section.
  2. This forum section should be used for property located in or near East Dulwich.
  3. Please make thread titles as descriptive as possible, e.g. 2 bed flat with garden to rent in SE22, £X,XXX per month