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Why Advertise on the East Dulwich Forum?

  • The East Dulwich Forum was established all the way back in 2006. It has remained a popular, active discussion forum during this time.
  • Over 98% of our pageview traffic is UK based, with 90% of this being within London. The vast majority of our active members are local to the South London area near Dulwich.
  • There are around 4,000 unique visitors per day and our users post make many hundreds of posts per day on the site.

Its a perfect opportunity for a business which trades in the Dulwich area to get their name out.

How can I advertise on the East Dulwich Forum?

Display Advertising
This is the perfect option for a business which wants to get their brand or name out to the largest audience possible.

We allow you to display banners on our desktop and/or mobile websites. Currently about 53% of our traffic is received on our mobile website. Please find examples below:

Banner advertising on East Dulwich Forum is now sold on a CPM basis (i.e. cost per view). The price is £1 per 1000 views.

For example:
  • £100 for 100,000 views
  • £200 for 200,000 views
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A minimum purchase of 100,000 views (£100) applies. For larger purchases of £500 or more, we offer a discount (please email to discuss).

You can decide the length of time you want your campaign to last for. For example, if you buy 100,000 views and wanted to spread this over 60 days, our ad server can show your banner roughly 1,667 times a day to random users.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] with the following info:
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  • Your 300x250 and/or 300x100 banners. If you do not currently have a banner of these sizes, we can create a simple ones for you.