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Advertise on East Dulwich Forum

Local companies are allowed to promote themselves once on this forum by starting a new thread in the ED businesses, restaurants & trades forum. However if you really want to get noticed on this site by the people of East Dulwich, you can purchase one of our advertising packages.

Why Advertise on the East Dulwich Forum?
Advertising on EDF is a great opportunity for businesses to build their brand and reach out to customers in the East Dulwich and surrounding area. At present time, there are around 4,000 unique visitors per day, of which over 96% is UK traffic (mostly from London area). The forum is actively used by its members and hundreds of messages are posted each day.

How can I advertise on the East Dulwich Forum?
Please send an [email protected] to receive pricing and further details.

There are two different packages for advertising on the forum. You can choose to run a campaign with one or both packages at the same time.

Package #1. Banner advertising
This is the perfect option for a business who wants to get their name out to the largest audience possible.

With this option, a 120x120 pixel banner showing off your business will be displayed throughout the website. The banner will link to your website or wherever else you want to. Your banner will be displayed in both the desktop and mobile views.


To avoid website clutter, we allow up to 6 banner campaigns to be ran at once. If all banner spaces are currently occupied then we will be unable to offer this package until a space becomes free.

Package #2. Pinned Forum Thread
We can 'pin' your own thread to top of a forum section for a set period of time. Your thread will remain near the top of the section for the duration of the time, even if it receives no replies.

The best places to do this are:
  • The ED businesses, restaurants & trades. This is the section of the forum where people search for local business and trades. Its the perfect option for tradesmen and other businesses to promote existing forum topics on EDF where they have received recommendations.
  • The For Sale & Items Offered in ED. This is the section of the forum where people buy and sell items. Its the perfect option for a business which sells locally made products to reach an well targeted audience.

An example of a pinned forum announcements are shown below:


To avoid website clutter, we allow up to 4 pinned forum threads per section. If all pinned thread spaces are currently occupied in a forum section, then we will be unable to offer this package until one becomes free.

If you know a business or service that would benefit from exposure on the forum please let us know. Just out of interest here's just a small sample of what the people around East Dulwich have been asking for (perhaps your business would appeal to them?):

Sash window joiner/fitter
Gardener needed
Window cleaner
children's party - entertainer
Tree Surgeon needed
Best Sunday lunches
Anyone know of a good French Polisher
Room wanted
Garage / test / service centre
Wedding Photographer
Spanish lessons
East Dulwich Nanny wanted 2 days + flexible
Local Graphic Designer
Environmentally friendly goods
Man with a van - wanted
2 bed East Dulwich flat w' garden wanted
Pilates Classes in Dulwich
Anyone know someone who can fix a TV?
solicitor for conveyancing
Plumber / Heating engineer
Painter/Decorator wanted
Garden Fence Fixer
East Dulwich NHS Dentist wanted
1 Bed Flat wanted
Best place for coffee
A good builder in the area
good insulator?
Pre/post natal pilates
personal training
flats to buy
Any good free-weight gyms nearby?
Accountant wanted

So, if you're interested, please email [email protected] for information.